Our Staff

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Entrepreneur and Business Owner for Lergent Software Development. Charles has a vision to make interactive and highly efficient Learning Management Systems and Software to improve on existing technologies.

Charles Hunt


Maria Button assumes the position of CFO.  With her executive skills she is able to multi-task the various duties required for day to day operations for the financial stability of the company.   Maria brings with her over 20 years of administrative/financial experience.

Maria Button

VP of Operations / CAO

Danielle LaRosa has been part of the team since the beginning. She assumes the role as the Vice President of Operations and CAO. She is very outgoing and passionate about her job. She possesses great communication skills with all of our clients along with the office staff. When Danielle isn’t busy typing away she loves spending time with her 2 daughters & playing outside with them.

Danielle LaRosa

VP of Administration / CMO

Jeremy is originally from the country of El Salvador. He is a very friendly person who has exceeded our companies expectations. He likes to learn and he loves to be challenged. He likes sports, socializing in the office as well outside the work place. It is truly a pleasure to have him working for us.

Jeremy Villatoro


Sean graduated from the University at Albany with a Bachelors Degree in Information Science and Technology in 2002. Sean is proficient in Java, C, PHP, HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. Sean Has worked on many projects including Cloud based Databasing software, Web Scraping software using Google and Facebook API, and SEO Software. He has also developed Apps for IOS and Android. When Sean is not working at his computer he enjoys Painting, Surfing, Snowboarding and Learning Video Game Development.

Sean McManus

Sr Web Developer

Bahri Haciibrahimoglu is an accomplished web developer and Search Engine / Inbound Marketing Professional. He has been part of Doctorate Program in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and is continuing his Philosophy of Doctorate in Information Studies. Having studying with the best scientists and mathematicians in the world, being a research scientist and improving our civilization is his foremost career goal.

Bahri Haciibrahimoglu

Web Developer

Sange is studying Information System at Stony Brook University and looking forward to graduate in May 2016. He likes to play soccer, table tennis, and badminton. When he is not working and playing he enjoys reading novels. Sange also works as a video editor in weekends. He wants to research about cloud computing in near future.

Sange Sherpa

Web/Systems Developer

Hummaad is a proud Queens resident who comes to us from Stony Brook University where he studied Computer Science and Engineering. When he isn’t creating new toys for our website, Hummaad enjoys spending time at the gym or entertaining everybody with his beatboxing skills. He is also known as BustaBeat! He is graduating next year and we wish him good luck for the future.

Hummaad Butt

Software Engineer

Syed is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering from NYIT and will be graduating in Dec 2015. When he isn’t working in office, he enjoys spending his free time reading, spending family time, watching movies, playing volleyball and cricket.

Syed Zeeshan

Software Engineer

Arun moved to the United States from Sri Lanka at a young age. He studied Computer Science at Brooklyn Technical High School and New York Institute of Technology. When he isn’t creating new features for our website, Arun enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies and playing a varying array of video games. He also enjoys spending some free time learning new programming technologies.

Arun Antony


Rahul is studying Computer Science engineering at Stony Brook University. He is originally from the royal state of Rajasthan, India. Currently, he lives in Hempstead, NY and enjoys working for us. You can find him coding complicated PHP scripts while he is at Lergent Dev. Apart from coding he is a photographer too. He is graduating next year and we wish him good luck for the future.

Rahul Bhaya

Software Engineer

Wendy is studying Computer Science at Stony Brook University and is set to graduate in the next few years. When she isn’t busy tinkering with code, she spends her free time writing, reading, watching anime, and spending time with family. She also enjoys playing badminton with friends.

Wendy Zheng

Web Developer

James is studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stony Brook University and is going to graduate in December 2016. He works diligently on the company’s learning management system and training website. When he isn’t programming he enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar and playing volleyball. He also loves to play beach volleyball during the summer at his local beach.

Jimmy Lynn

Software Engineer

James Danielsson comes to us all the way from Manhattan where he studied Math and Computer Science. When he isn’t managing the structure of our website, James enjoys reading and eating at fine steak houses in the financial district. He also enjoys playing chess and is known to be very competitive.

James Danielsson